It’s time for the business

you always wanted

Too often, as a coach, you’re so busy helping other people and their businesses

that there never seems to be enough time for yours.

event organisers

As a coach you have a precious, but limited, resource to sell – Your time & your knowledge.

An average business owner works over 65 hours each week. As a coach you know that working more hours means more students.

What if you could reduce the hours you’re working AND have time to take on more students or further develop the students you already have?

The coaches we worked with did just that.

It’s easy to get caught up running your business – and put that next step that will scale your business into the background. By laying foundations to systemise their businesses, the coaches we work with are able to free themselves up to take that next leap and grow their business.

Sound too good to be true?

How do we do that?

We find out how you work

You’re the expert on what you do. We listen to how you work, where the road blocks and pain points are and how you’d like to be working.

& then

our thinking hats go on

We look at where we can fix it

We’re the experts at simplifying your workflows, automating tasks and building a centralised digital ecosystem for your business.

& then

we get busy building it

We implement a new way of working

Utilising tested online tools we connect your online tools, put your workflows in place and train your team how to get started.

& then we support you for 30 days while you get used to it.

Support your students with more time

These are just some of the ways our solutions help coaches

  • Connector.

    Communicate with your students

    Streamlined and automated communications to help you stay in touch with all of your students without losing personability

  • Connector.

    Manage Course Material

    A centralised library – searchable and easy to access for all of your course material

  • Connector.

    Student Progress

    A centralised systems to manage the full history and progress of your student

  • Connector.

    Student communities

    Easily create a space for your students to network and collaborate without the need for a developer

  • Connector.

    Self Learning

    Give your students access to an exclusive portal with course material and resources – without the need for a developer or heavy licence fees

  • Connector.

    Training Events

    Plan and manage training events like webinars, meetups and seminars

  • Connector.

    Sales Funnells

    Funnel new business and supplier relationships so that no potential student is lost

  • Connector.

    Marketing streamlined

    Integrate communications channels like email clients and social media tools to automate your client communication and marketing activities

  • Connector.

    Stop double handling

    Create invoices in your accounting software directly from a sale

If you’re still managing your students through spreadsheets and notepads then now is the time to change.

There is a better way of doing things & we want to show it to you.