Staying motivated as winter hibernation beckons

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Stay motivated this winter

Is it just me or has this chilly weather got anyone else feeling like curling up on the couch, under a blanket with endless cups of tea watching Netflix marathons? Oh, wait it’s only Tuesday…
Keeping motivated when both your mind and body feel like hibernating until September can feel like a losing battle. But why is it worse in Winter? Well a few obvious reasons:

  • Most of us get a bit slack on our exercise routines during winter which drops our energy levels and gets us in the habit of couch hibernation
  • We are outside less often meaning we get less sunshine and less activity every day
  • Carb-loading, wintery pies, stews, soups and tummy warmers can make you feel sluggish and sleepy especially when you’re having them for lunch!
  • It’s cold – Australians have to be the worst prepared humans when it comes to winter clothes. Seriously – seeing what some people wear on the days where temperatures fall under 10-degree shocks me. I’ve lived in Norway where winter is routinely negative 20 degrees (or worse) and their favorite expression was ‘There’s no such thing as cold weather, just bad clothes.’

It’s easy to spot why Winter can really wear down our motivation  – but not all of us can afford this dip in motivation that comes round once a year. As a business owner, nothing slows down just because my mindset is waining and when the couch is beckoning I try to call on one of the following to help pick me up.
Walking on Sunshine

One of the best ways to snap out of your winter lull is to surround yourself with as much sunlight as possible – try to bring daylight into your workspace instead of shutting it out with curtains and blinds.
Stay Warm

We are all far less likely to be motivated when cold.
Stay Active

Keep your exercise routines as best you can – find indoor substitutes where possible for the winter months.
Don’t sit at your desk all day – get up at least once an hour for 5 minutes and walk. Get water, tea, anything! But keep active during the day.
Look up

If you don’t have a mentor to go to in times like this for inspiration then find someone who inspires you and read their books, articles, podcasts, social media…anything coming directly from them. It’s important to remind yourself of your long-term vision, your why. Reading the why or vision of someone you admire can trigger you to refocus on your own goals and visions.

De-motivation quickly becomes procrastination. Take the time at the start of the week to plan out what you need to achieve for that week. Whatever tool you use to manage your time (likely your calendar) set this up with blocked outset times to work on these things you need to get done.
That way if you’re feeling demotivated on a given day – you’ll have a schedule to fall back on to keep you on track and hold you accountable. Having weekly goals will mean you are more likely to stay on track – motivated.
Reward yourself

This ties in to setting goals and time blocking. Rewards are a fantastic tool, especially if you work for yourself, to recognise your motivation to achieving a goal. And as well – if you don’t reward yourself who will?
Set a weekly or monthly reward than you only give yourself when you’ve achieved your goals for that time period. It’s a great way to boost your motivation!

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