Take control of your business.

As a small business owner you’ve got better things to focus on than your operations. Find out how we can automate and systemise your business, so you can focus on taking it to the next level.

I’m ready to take control

Automation isn’t just for Techies

As a small business owner, wouldn’t you love a few extra hours each day just to get everything done? You are not alone.

Most small business owners we know dreamed of taking control of their life with their business. Yet somehow their business ended up taking control of them.

At One Red Thread we help people just like you to take back control of their business, using automation and technology.

This allows them more time for growth, profits, personal freedom and sanity!

An 80 hour workweek can’t be the answer

So you’re looking to grow a more profitable business?

It’s hard to stay focused on growth when your days are too full with the constant flow of tasks to get done, isn’t it?

When you start working smarter and automate your recurring tasks, it’s your systems that run your business.

Find what works for you

We build systems that literally work for you –  so you can focus on what matters.

Automation makes running your business much simpler. However, knowing how and where to start automating is where we find most people struggle.

Our Personalised Discovery Sessions.

Our discovery sessions are designed to uncover the most effective systems, processes and technology to help best run your business.

We work with you through your current workflows and determine with you where the painpoints are and how we can help remove them.

One Red Thread

With our expertise in automation and systems, One Red Thread can make a time effective plan crafted around the personal needs of your business.

What’s more – The automation tools we use are all designed with you, the user, in mind. You don’t have to be a tech-savvy, digital wizard to make them work for you.

Get Started

Our discovery sessions bridge the gap between wanting to build effective systems and knowing how to

We work with you to develop a bulletproof plan that you can implement straight away to free up your valuable time instantly and allow you to grow your business without the stress.

Our previous clients have seen an increase in their business’ productivity by up to 30% without needing to employ extra staff. They get more work done, work smarter and are making more profit than ever before.

Tailor-made plans for YOUR business

Everyone’s needs are different and everyone has their own painpoints. This is why we like to work one-on-one with you to find the best automation and systems solutions that fit your particular business.

You will learn:

  • How to reduce your operational costs
  • How to increase your profitability
  • How to gain back the time spent on repetitive tasks
  • How to scale up your business fast and efficiently
  • How to run your business from anywhere in the world
  • How to free yourself from your business without losing control

What’s included in a discovery package?

  • Connector.

    A 2-hour discovery session

    A one on one session with one of our consultants in person for the Sydney area or online via Google Hangouts for all other regions.

  • Connector.

    Digital business ecosystem

    A recommended digital business ecosystem to meet your needs and goals. This ecosystem shows how the different systems work together and integrate with your business.

  • Connector.

    Automation implementation plan

    A tailor made plan for the implementation of your ecosystem and workflows.

  • Connector.

    Next Steps call

    A follow up call to discuss your ecosystem and implementation plan and help you take the next steps towards automating your business.

Here’s what previous clients have to say

    “One Red thread has made an enormous difference to our business. They have helped us streamline our workflow, automate activities that we didn’t think were possible, saving us time and money, which allows us to concentrate on more important activities. Removing manual activities and double handling, integrating software and allowing us to grow by using our systems to the max. She is clear, concise, responsive and affordable. Highly recommend Caroline to any small business.”

    Ian Aldridge, Founder Progressive Legal
    A great eye for detail, self effacing and most importantly, when she spoke, everyone listened. When I needed to find a dedicated IT support function, I was thrilled to see One Red Thread and they now takes the lead in all project delivery for us. Caroline entirely fits the mould of ‘hiring people who are smarter than you.’
    Paul Ainsworth, Founder The Lincoln Institute
    “I always believed I was relatively organised. Then, as my business grew, it became harder and more of a chore to keep up to date the multiple spreadsheets, calendars and systems I had created over time. I honestly didn’t know what automation tools were available, but Caroline very quickly understood what I needed, and presented a couple of options for me to choose from. If I had tried to transition myself onto a new automation/organisation tool, it would still be half done, and taking up my time instead of saving me time. The best bit was I could had over all my mismatched documents, spreadsheets, CRM files and ideas and Caroline could hand them back to me ready to go! She is very patient in training and tweaking the set up so I can honestly say admin has become a fun part of my job as a business owner and and now things don’t slip through the cracks. Working with One Red Thread has saved me time, money and stress!”
    Helen Oswald, Founder, Magnetic Shots
    “My website was in turmoil, my direction completely out of whack and with no real knowledge on website development I had no idea that my previous developer had been ripping me off and building my site so I would constantly have to rely on him for updates. I’m so grateful to Caroline and the team at One Thread for turning that all around and providing me with a world class website with simple functionality and better control of my website for a much more affordable price! Thank you!”

    Lisa Mendoza, Founder The Tropical Fruit Tribe


What can a business automate exactly?

If you’re not in a position where you could leave your business for a week, safe in the knowledge everything will carry on running as normal, then you haven’t got the correct systems in place yet.

Business admin

All of those little things you have to do, and never get time for, to keep the business ticking over. Stop wasting time on these tasks and automate them to free yourself up for what’s important.

Finding new customers

Marketing your business takes up valuable time which you could be getting paid for. We’ll show you how to automate your sales process and maximise lead conversions.

Project management

Building effective systems leads to a more profitable business. With the right workflows you’ll reduce the time you spend per project which makes for happy clients and teams.

Just imagine never having to create a contract or invoice again.

This is just one little example of how your business could be automating!