who we are

who we strive to be

There is a Chinese proverb that we are all connected. That at birth a red thread is tied around our ankles and connects us to our path in life and the people we will meet regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break.

We’re all travelling the same thread – fighting our way through the same tangles and ultimately searching for connections.

Technology has the power to connect people in ways that never existed before – but it’s been our experience that many business owners aren’t taking advantage of this. It’s our mission to change this so that as many new ideas and dreams are realised as possible, enabling passionate entrepreneurs to live the lives they choose.

About Our Founder

Once upon a time…you know how it goes. Once upon a time I had a dream of owning and running my own business – in 2014 I made the choice to let that dream become a reality, and I’ve never looked back. I love my life because I consciously chose to create it into the dream I had – and I continue to make that choice every single day.
Through my journeys I have been fortunate enough to meet some incredibly passionate individuals who push the limits on creativity and living life on their terms. It’s my vision to help them get there by removing the barriers that running a business imposes.
Operations, productivity, technology and removing the clutter of inefficiency is in my blood. If it’s not in yours – lets talk.

You started your business because you had a dream – would’t it be great if you could focus on that again? I’m here to tell you that you can.
A little about my story in case we haven’t met…Firstly I love a challenge, it’s actually an obsession of mine to push myself as far as I can and grow every single day. After studying Visual Communication at UTS in Sydney, at 20 I packed up alone and moved across the world to Norway where education was free, travel was imminent and I could push myself well out of my comfort zone.

I took a Bachelor of Science in Digital Media – it was taught in Norwegian and there were only a handful of girls in my class of 100. I graduated with a job at Cisco as an Engineer and got to experience first hand how creative the tech industry is.
Moving back to Australia I got a job working with the amazing pet brands under the Nestle Purina PetCare umbrella as a digital marketer.

I then went on to explore the agency world and worked as a project manager & Project Director of a digital production team.
As my dream called louder I started One Red Thread – and the most exciting journey of my life to date.

If your dream calls louder than the everyday and you need help keeping that alive – get in touch!